3 things to expect when working with a VA

3 Things to expect when working with a VA

The world of outsourcing is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. It was for a long time one of those frowned upon topics, almost a dirty word. But slowly over the last 5-8yrs, this has changed and has changed for the better.

I think the main reason for this is the boom in small businesses, more people are realising their dream of being their own boss is in fact easily achievable, and the desire to do well is fuelling this passion too.

And with the influx of small businesses, the need for support has grown too, slowly people are realising they don’t have to hire someone full or part time anymore, and you don’t have to reach for the employment agencies number either, as those alternatives are costly, more so to a small but growing business.

People have realised that there are an alternative and one that will work hand in hand with you and your business needs, a solution that keeps you in control but frees up that time you are losing carrying out the tasks you don’t need to do.

So, what can you expect?

Reassurance – This is a biggie, a lot of clients that I have now said that when they started to plan the concept of working with a VA, they were filled with fear, for having to hand over work that they and ploughed time into or a project they have put together, or built that connection up, and fearing that handing it over to someone else is daunting. So for me, it’s always been a subtle and slow process, I would rather you handed over one or two small things a month to gain that trust and make sure that everything I am doing is to your 100% satisfaction, then and only then we can start working on other tasks. This is all about working at a pace you are happy with.

Guidance – A lot of people who start working with a VA are new to this way of working, so things won’t always come naturally to them, so for me it’s a case of making sure you have every bit of guidance you need, I will make sure that we have file sharing capabilities set up, with instructions, I will make sure I guide you through giving me permission to work on certain systems, and each step will be in line with your instructions.

Communication – This goes without saying, communication is vital in making the business relationship work, I will make sure that you get an update on tasks that I am doing for you on a weekly basis, this will mostly be via email, but we will always have ‘kick-off’ calls (skype/messenger/Google whichever is your preference) at the start of any new task you ask me to do, this is where we will go through the basic information and any visuals you may need me to have. I will keep you up to date times for the month.

These to me are 3 of the key things you should expect when working with a VA, of course, there is more, but these were the ones I felt needed explaining that they are a given!

If you are looking to outsource or you think you could benefit from this, then get in touch, will be more than happy to have a chat with you.  Check out my latest freebie HERE


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