About Me

Hi, I am Claire, I am the face of Remote Admin Services (RAS).

I started RAS back in January 2014 after I was made redundant from my corporate career in business travel, I was finding it increasingly challenging to stay on top of full-time work, small family, hubby-to-be, house and every other thing being a working mum throws at you, so whilst the prospect of being made redundant was scary, it was also my opportunity to focus on an idea that had been rattling around in my head for many years, becoming my OWN boss and running my own business.

When I left school some years ago (roughly 20ish years) I decided to start my career in admin, namely an office junior for a small but busy oil and gas company in South London. It soon dawned on me that I enjoyed supporting other people and decided to progress my career in this line of work.  I went from an Office Junior to eventually become an Office Manager.  Along the way, I have been a Team Secretary, a PA and an Event Assistant.  My last role was in Bid Support.

Throughout my career I have really enjoyed supporting teams and individuals, so starting my own virtual assistant business seemed the most natural road to take.

For me, being a Mum and a business owner is tricky, but somehow it just works.  I get to help other amazing Mums in business with their admin, and it works with my family.  I have had the pleasure of doing all the school things with my children that I would have missed in my corporate career.  My clients fully understand that my hours are not your normal 9-5 because actually, neither is theirs.  Being a mumpreneur you soon realise that opportunities you have to work are the times when the family are otherwise occupied.  It’s the time when the kids are at day-care or school and the evenings when everyone else is sorted out, that’s when you can then carry on with running your business.  It’s tough – I know.

But being a Virtual Assistant, I get to help you!  I get to take those tasks from you that would normally make you burn the midnight hour for that extra peace and quiet.  Trouble is, that wears you out for tomorrow’s tasks.  Outsourcing to me releases you from those ongoing, long humdrum admin tasks and gives you back that time to do what you do best – to secure more business.  So whether that’s more baking, more sewing, more bookkeeping, whatever your business is, I can give you back that time to run it and help you to be more organised and happy in running your business.



So the above is about me and why I started my business, but what it doesn’t tell you is the experience I have had since leaving school.

My first job as I said was an office junior, funnily and scarily (horrific to some teenagers nowadays) I didn’t even have a computer then, only the accountant and the head buyer had a computer, the rest of us were using good old fashion typewriters!!



From there I went into Direct Marketing and became a team secretary (yes had a PC then very swish!) I looked after a team of 5/6 managers all needing typing, excel documents and presentations drawing up, this was my first experience at Word, Excel (Lotus too) and Powerpoint, and have used them all in subsequent roles.

From there I moved into exhibitions and events, this was a fun role, this made me hone in and perfect my diary and event organising skills, and one I wished I had done more in, but the role sadly was redundant due to the economic downfall.  From here I moved to Travel and that is where I stayed for most of my corporate career, from travel publications to business travel, it was a field I seemed to love and enjoy the most.

I have used all the mainstream software systems, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, and have used a few CRM systems like Sharepoint and Salesforce.

There are systems that I haven’t used in my time in the office, but this doesn’t mean I am unable to use them!

You will often find me plugged into another world regularly, which is the world of transcription, it’s one thing I do enjoy, if you are the type of person that speaks notes or your role is something similar to a surveyor then I can take those audio files off you and have them typed up and formatted and sent back to you via email and or Dropbox.

I send out invoices for one of my clients, she gives me times, days and hours her cleaners have worked and I will send out the relevant invoices to her clients, once her clients have paid I have access to her account to pay her cleaners.


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