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Social Media Prompt Sheet

Social Media Prompt sheet

Here is my first freebie, it’s my social media prompt sheet, to help you plan
your week ahead, from one-word prompts to full articles.

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Top Tips to delegating to a VA

Freebie on how to delegate to your VA

Here are my top tips to delegating to your VA, this gives you a few ideas of
how to find a suitable Virtual Assistant, as well as the best way to move
forward in your working relationship.

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15 Things to ask your Virtual Assistant

11 Things to ask your Virtual Assistant

Here is my latest freebie, hiring a VA can be a difficult and confusing time,
so I have put together some useful questions to get you going.
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5 Tools to use with your VA

If this is the year you reach out for help with a VA, then check out my freebie listing some of the tools you can download to work in sync with your VA

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Creating Automation in MailChimp

How to create automation in MailChimp

That little sweating monkey hoovering over the red button can put the fear into anyone, but it shouldn’t stop you making the most of MailChimp’s benefits.

This downloadable video is a brief overview on how to create automation – Download HERE


10 Essential tools to nail your biz


We all know that we have to be working smarter and more aware of the time we have during our working day, but we don’t necessarily always have the time to research and find the right tools for our business. 

So I have compiled a list of tools that I feel complement business and most are ones that I use with my current clients.  Download HERE