Half-Term SOS Package

Does the thought of school holidays fill you with dread? looking after the children and running a business!

The frustration and dread is a real struggle for some business owners, and it’s totally fine to feel like that.  As a business owner, we put that pressure on ourselves to love every aspect of running our businesses, which is setting you up for failure.  
A lot of female business owners are parents too, whether that is to a baby or a toddler, or you could have a pre-teen or a teenager, they need your attention, and it so happens they are going to need attention soon as the school holidays are around the corner, and this is when extra pressure is laid at our feet!
This is why I created this Half-term SOS Package, we just sometimes need that tiny bit of help and that is what this package is. 
I Hear Ya!! I love spending time with my family too
I really do hear the struggle, above is my family, I have an 11yr old and a 7yr old, they will be off soon too, but I have plans in place, you must not feel guilty about stepping away from your business and spending time with you ‘why’.
My family are my biggest ‘why’ as to why I started this business, I don’t feel guilty taking time out with them, I can do both, but I do have systems in place to help me.
Can you imagine being able to tell your children you are are going out for the day, and they have your attention!?
Can you imagine how it will feel having a pair of eyes on your business whilst you have time with the family during the half-term?
Can you imagine the relief knowing all is looked after?
Knowing you have someone keeping an eye on this is a massive game-changer, gives you peace of mind that should something happen they are there to step in and help or let you know!
Social media asssitance
Hi and welcome to my business Remote Admin Services

I am Claire the founder of your future solution, I am here to support you and your blooming awesome businesses because everyone deserves a fall-back girl in the business.

I’ve been running my business now for nearly 5yrs and have supported many amazing business owners along the way, some as one-offs and some have been with me from the start.
My sole aim is to provide you with that reassurance that you are not alone, I give you accountability, I offer you support in your business, whether that is your admin and social media or whether that means helping you with your client work.
I’ve got your back!

My Half-Term SOS Package

Why am I offering this as a service?

Because our kids will be off soon, your business still needs to run, but you need time with your children too, even if its just to play referee!

This is where I come in with this service.

I will check your inbox twice a day, I will check your Facebook page or group twice a day (or alternative platform) I will inform you via our chosen method of communication if there are any urgent matters, if not I will send you an update email at the end of each day.

Sound Interesting?

Does this sound like the service you have been waiting for? Do you feel that this half-term you are going to boss both ares in your life?
Do you want to know that your business is ok whilst you be mum? 
If you do then book your slot below
Claire to the rescue
Don't leave it too late!
If you are already stressing at the thought of school holidays then here is your chance to put your mind at ease and have some support.
You will get 2½ for the week
Your inbox and your choice of social media platform checked twice a day
A message through our chosen method of communication should something urgent arise
An update email sent at the end of each day
All this peace of mind for £60
! Get in touch today !