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Content Library Assistance Service


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You have clearly given this some serious thought as you are here wanting to discuss this more.  Content Library’s or Content Galleries are becoming more and more used, as in this day and age we produce so much content to get in front of our crowd’s eyes, we produce some wonderful nuggets of information that would be such a shame to lose in the darkest of corners on our PC/Laptop.

Having a library is a one-stop shop, you can have all your content in one place and at the press of a button you can recycle, once you have this in place you will soon realise how much of a no-brainer this was.

What classes as content?

Well anything that you refer back to or information you link to, you know when you see someone ask ‘whats the best exercise for flabby tummies’ and you know you have a blog/video/product that will help that person and you need the link! well, that kind of content.  Anything that you have written and you know will be a regular thing, for an example, there is a new moon each month, so if your work is based on moon phases, then you can have your library set up for reoccurring content.

This is all great, but what is it going to cost me?

My pricing is pretty clear and simple:

Set-Up – To create a board on Trello that will house your content, if we feel that you have extensive content it may be wise to break it down into a couple of boards, so for an example one board could be blogs/newsletters/social media and if you have a shop have that as your second board.  Creating labels so searching for content becomes easier and quicker, we can discuss these in more detail on our call. Within the setup charge, it gives you 5hrs* of time for the basic set up of your library. 

The cost for this 5hr set up is £110

Maintenance – This is a monthly task, there are two levels to the monthly maintenance, the first level will be to update content from blogs/newsletters and one selected social media platform, this will include filing selected content with images and links.  The second level will include any updates to your shop, this may be that if you have a shop you may only update your shop quarterly, so you may choose to have both levels on a quarterly basis, and level one for the rest of the year.

The cost for either level 1 or 2 is £25pm, if you have to have both it will be £45pm

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*5hrs for that calendar month should anytime be left over it can be carried over to the following month for monthly maintenance.