Growing your list with a lead magnet

Growing your list with a lead magnet

This week on my social pages I have been continuing my topic of newsletters, with tips on growing your lists and how this is best done. I also covered what you can put in your newsletters, your newsletters can and should be varied, you can keep the same layout but I always feel its good to give a good mix.

You can get a little daring a create newsletters to be specific to certain sections of your list, so if you know someone 3 months ago bought a wax burner and a pack of 3 melts you’ll know that they will probably be looking for a refill, so you could send them an email with your new scents for that month?

Knowing your crowd

Lead Magnets

One way to get people to sign up with you is to offer free signup also known as a lead magnet, this is to drive new people onto your lists, people can often overthink this and feel that it has to big and pretty for people to sign up.

This is where most are wrong, it does not have to be a 16 page PowerPoint presentation or a 30-minute detailed video.  Your knowledge is what they are after, this could be in the shape of 2 page PDF with all the information you are offering on there with a few images.

In the current climate where face to face is pretty much non-existent, you might be thinking of creating more online offerings and you can attract new people via online guides, and once they have signed up you can share your knowledge to them via newsletter.

I know several Personal Trainers who have stepped up to the online mark and taken hold of this opportunity and run with it, and they have had amazing success, and now they are reaching out to a whole new crowd from home via online.

One PT friend had a fab lead magnet, it was a free 5-day lock-down exercise plan delivered by email every day, and people loved it and now runs group training via Zoom. 

His lead magnet was a raw, in his garden warts and all, un-edited freebie, and people loved that approach as most of his clients were juggling work and children too, his client base has now grown.

Clear ideas

Some pointers

Become clear with your ideas, be clear with your focus and what you want to do with your list, and to speak to your crowd you need to know who you are talking to and how you are helping them with their problems and questions.

How can you help them move forward? once you know the solution can you create a snippet solution, so something that can help them immediately but will want to come back for more?

Take my PT friend, he knew with the gyms closing many people would need something to replace that loss of exercising at the gym and wanted to offer an alternative to his crowd, and let’s face it, for him it was all new too. 

So he came up with a 5-day plan, knowing that it would appeal to some and they may want more, he played this well as he created 2 sign-ups, one was a 5-day exercise plan and the other was a 5-day menu plan and both were hugely successful and he has on the back of both sign-ups signed up 8 brand new clients

This weeks take away tips are:

Building your list is an essential part of your business

You can use your list to share new products and services

You can use your list to showcase their online shop

You can use your list to keep your crowd up to date with any changes in business or anything new 

You can use your list to run a programme for your crowd to be involved in


Lead magnet ideas

I have put together a free downloadable guide to lead magnets and some suggestions for some industries, you can get your hands on it here.

Newsletters – 101

Newsletters – 101

This month I am talking about newsletters and general e-marketing. What with everything going on in the world at the moment, being online and utilising e-marketing is the way forward and a sure-fire way to keep you and your business top of mind. 

I think over the last few months we have all seen business moving more online and finding ways to keep in touch with their clients and potential clients, but there is still an air of caution for some business owners when it comes to sending out emails and newsletters to their lists.

I have been amazed at how many businesses have embraced online and found a way to carry on working whilst moving their face to face business to online, and watching how successful they have been.

During the month I will be talking to you about the following:


What are newsletters and why are they important to your business

List-building, how and why

Combining blogs with your newsletters

Sign-up and incentives


This week over on my Facebook Page HERE I have been talking about what is a newsletter, why they are so important to our businesses as well as the difference between a blog and a newsletter, as I have had chats with clients asking why they need to both or is one better than the other.

You can read them either by visiting my page or clicking the post links above. 

Do you send out any newsletters? have you a planned schedule for them or do you send them out on high days and holidays? 

Once you have got yourself into that routine it becomes easier, I think a lot of people struggle with content, I will be covering ideas on brainstorming for content later in the month.

Is there anything that holds you back?

I have created this template to show you how I set my newsletter template up, I created my template many years ago before MailChimp carried out a large update on their platform.

I have found having images dotted throughout your newsletter breaks up the text and removes the impression of ou talking AT your crowd.  If you do not have this template in MailChimp you can add in single images to break up the text.

You can download your copy HERE

Blend and Balance

Blend and Balance

For most business owners who are parents to school-age children will be juggling hot potatoes this week, as its half-term. Personally I don’t mind this one as its only a week and it’s easy to flit between the two. Its Easter I am not a fan of, its long with bank holidays and the endless need to have been doing everything.

My kids get bored, they love the week holidays as it’s a little break but the Easter one they get bored, the summer holidays are a very different kettle of fish (where did that saying come from?)

How to manage

Not everyone has the luxury of having family around or nearby, so holidays can be a real juggling act and the sense of guilt, see there is that word again, its an emotion I am working so hard on dispelling for as many parents in business as I physically can, we need to banish guilt, and find a way of making running our business and school holidays work for us.

I blend…………. Not as in Nutribullet kind of blend, but I blend my time between business, children and both. It has taken some time for me to find the right balance and formula so here are my tips on getting through the half-term minus the guilt and truckload of stress!

My Tips for getting through the holidays

Set your intentions – this is the most important step, you need to be realistic with this if you normally work Monday – Friday 9 am to 3.30 pm without the children, then you need to set your intentions knowing that you will have company, take into consideration their ages, are you going to be able to still work those hours?

My two are 7 & 11, they are at that age now where I can do blocks of time uninterrupted, but I know as soon as I jump on a call or do a video war breaks out, so I avoid those tasks until I have business time.

So be realistic, you know that you will not get that normal time, so don’t fight it.

Grab a cuppa and your diary – spend 10 mins looking at your diary, seeing what you have going on, if you know that you have a call on Wednesday then make sure you make that day a business day and work your other days around that, so pick that one thing that HAS to be done and get that planned in and work the rest of your week around that one important task.

For me I know I have a call Monday afternoon, and I have a call Wednesday morning, so I have those days as business days, and the others are blended.

Blend – so when I say blend it’s using your day to please both, so an example of this could be AM family time, watch a film, play games, go for a walk, PM work time, but pick tasks that will only take small snippets of time, save the big tasks for your business days, don’t put big tasks in because if you get interrupted you’ll get frustrated and annoyed and start feeling stuck and guilty.

So, you could schedule some posts, source some images for your blog or newsletter, respond to posts or emails. But blend without GUILT.

Business days these are the days where you get shi!t did! Use these for your full-on tasks, those that you need concentration on, those that you know you can’t do when the children are home, so make sure you use that time wisely, and oddly I get so much more done when I have set time when I know that these things need doing without fail.

Enjoy – we need to remember our children are only small and at school for a really short period of time in the grand scheme of things, so be flexible, be realistic, enjoy your blended time, enjoy those days where you have blocked out to play mum or dad, and DON’T beat yourself up if things go awry!

Half-Term SOS  If you still find that the juggling is too much then you can use my specifically designed package to assist you, you can find out more HERE

I use this process for all of the holidays, it makes for a less stressful time, now I need a process to stop my two arguing…………..any suggestions? I am thinking double-sided Velcro and sticking them to the wall.

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Just like making a cup of tea or coffee, or doing the laundry, you carry out those tasks with a process.  It is the same in business, every job that we carry out has a purpose and a process, it the steps we take to complete whatever task that needs to be done.

Sometimes those processes can be long-winded and detrimental to our energy and passion, certain tasks with either no process or a process that isn’t working for your business can make that task undesirable, and give you that dreaded feeling when it comes to carrying out that task.

If it is a task that needs to be done, and then having that sinking feeling when the time comes to carrying it out, can make you put it off, drop it to the bottom of your to-do list as well as a spot of procrastination, and we all know procrastination is the thief of time!

How do they work?

It is very simple, basically, every task we do has a process, from opening our emails to sending out newsletters they all have steps to take, and it’s finding the right steps to get you from A to B without visiting C, D, E…… creating a process is looking at how you do something currently, and tweaking it to make it smarter and more streamlined.

Be honest with yourself

When looking at the process that you currently take, be honest and ask yourself is that step really necessary or do you do it because it’s just the way you have always done it? Try to avoid resisting change!

If its that latter then that could be your sticking point, if steps need to be removed because they are causing you to get stuck, then we need to find a workaround. Is that particular step 100% necessary?  Can it be broken down into 2 steps?



Time yourself!

This one can often freak people out, they can get a panic on when they know they are being timed, but the thing is you need to get an idea of how long something is taking you.  But when timing becomes a regular part of the process, remember you are not being timed to see how well or how quick you are doing something, you are using a timer so you don’t overrun on something, as that is a common reason for a task taking longer than it should.

There are just some tasks that can take you on the scenic route, and that is what we need to avoid, things like social media in general, you know what it’s like, one moment you are online to check your stuff and to get content up, and then before you know it,  you have come across a video of a dog eating or running away from a kitten, or you have found a video of a cat stuck up a tree you know where I am coming from, and Shelia your mother-in-law posted one of the OMG games ‘what flower are you?’ these are all the things that drive you away from the task in hand, so setting a timer will help you stay on track.

Turn off

This is another tip that many do not seem to do, if you are not working on a certain program but you find it’s a distraction TURN IT OFF, or mute your notifications! It will help I promise you.

These are just a couple of steps you can add into your process, so if you know you will be image sourcing then in your process you could put:

  1. Turn off unnecessary programs and notifications
  2. Set a timer for 20mins
  3. Do not open all stock photo sites, only one at a time
  4. Only pick 5 -10 per sitting
  5. Have a dedicated drive with sub-folders for images

It could be that simple, we are here to create a simplistic, effective, streamlined process to help you through your tasks.

How do you create your processes?


Download my Taming your Social Media e-book, it has a 6 step process on creating content, images, and scheduling your content – get your copy HERE

We all have those jobs!

We all have those jobs!

I am not sure anyone prepares you enough for certain things in life, for an example, no one really prepped me for having children, everyone tells you its magical, but they all miss out those tantrums! And when they become senior school age they forget to tell you about the attitude they grow!

It is the same with business, I often feel we have painted a very different picture, a lot of people will tell you that working from home is liberating, you have the flexibility and the time is yours to do with how you please.

Now, before I get set upon, I love running my own business, I would struggle at the thought of going back to working for someone else and not having that flexibility, but it’s bloody hard! It is hard work, and the one thing that often suffers is family life.

How many times have you worked late?

How many times have you worked over the weekend?

How many times have your rushed Storytime?

We have all done it, but its how we move forward that counts, I have worked many late night, I have worked over weekends (granted not many) we all do, but you need to ask yourself why this is happening? Why am I having to work late, what has happened that day or that week that has made me work late, work over the weekend, miss storytime……………… And there will lay the answer.

More often than not it is a task that has sucked up your time, may it be a huge task, or a task that you are unsure on and need to research, or a task that happens every week/month but you haven’t prepared for, again it’s NOT failure, its realisation, now is the time for you to pinpoint and rectify and claw back that time and NOT feel guilty.

Let’s face it guilt is horrendous, guilty for working, guilty for not working, I mean make your mind up, but lets see if we can provide some tips and tools to help you move forward.

Now ultimately, I would say to you outsource, but that is not always the right solution, or it may not be the right time for you, so what other things can we do to help you.

Identify the task – We all have those tasks that suck up out time, more than many others, but it is identifying this task and figuring out why that particular task is taking up so much time.

Why is it taking so long – Now you have identified the task, now it’s trying to figure out why this task takes so long.  Is it because the task is large and takes up too much time? Do you feel you lack knowledge in completing this task or is it just because you just DON’T want to do it?

If it’s a large task – if the task has a long deadline, break it down, you’ll find breaking it down over a course of a few weeks, will make it more palatable and easier to digest than sitting there for hours trying to complete a task you hate!

Start it as soon as you get it – make a start on it, putting it off will only make the task even worse, so if it lands on your desk on a Monday afternoon, make a start, do 15mins worth, that way you have started it, the worst part is done.

It feels muddled up – Try putting a process in place, I know a lot of people talk about processes but they are pretty important, and if you can look at how you are currently doing that task and then how you can amend it, by maybe adding a step or removing a step, or even bulking steps together to give you a streamlined process.

Not sure how to complete it  – if it is something new or you just don’t know how to complete and you need to do some training, then maybe you need to take some time out each week to train up.

If you can work through these and make small changes you will notice that you will have more control over your time.

Obviously, I would love to be able to support you in your business, help you free up more time, and be able to use that time guilt-free with your family.

My hourly rate starts at £25ph or you can have full peace of mind with a retainer package which you can find here