MailChimp Masterclass Bundles

Welcome to my MailChimp Masterclass Bundles

Back in January 2020 I released my MailChimp Masterclass course, 10 modules jam-packed with videos on how to get the most out of you MailChimp as well as how-to videos.

The feedback I got was amazing, I was invited into peoples groups to discuss and promote it, and as well as those the purchased the full course, I had some ask if I could sell certain modules separately, as they were ok with MailChimp but needed to focus on certain aspects.

How could I say no!

Below you can choose from one of the 3 bundles, I have made sure that I have put those together that I feel work best.

Bundle One – Starter – £15.00

Starter bundle – I have put these two together as a starter these will be the video’s you need to get started with setting up your templates and campaigns.  In this bundle, you will get 11 videos covering Templates and Campaigns.  I will also create a reader-friendly PDF Template that you can then use to build your own reader-friendly newsletter.

You get your copy here  

Bundle Two – Next Steps – £18.00

Next step bundle – I have put this bundle together to help you with the next stage of your e-marketing, in this bundle, you will get 9 in-depth videos walking you through your audience, tagging, segmenting and groups.  This is the bundle that has been requested the most.  People can see value in tagging and segmenting to keep their list tidy as well as being able to send direct marketing to your crowd instead of blanket emails.

You can get your copy here 

Bundle Three – The Workaround – 15.00

Workaround Bundle – I have put this together after MailChimp made a lot of big changes in 2019, subsequently, new accounts only had one free audience and limited the sign-up forms too.  But there are ways to work around this and that is why I created this section in the course, to give a little helping hand to work around those little hiccups.

You can get your copy here 

I hope you find these bundles helpful and guide you on your journey with MailChimp, please feel free to drop me an email should you have any questions HERE