My Services

So now you know who I am and why I started my business, you are probably wanting to know ‘what did I learn along the way’  and more importantly   ‘what can I do for you?’
Overall I am a great organiser, a great all-rounder, not much daunts or fazes me.  I offer a prompt, reliable, professional and confidential service to a variety of businesses and have happy clients who would be will give references.  I am happy to sign a confidentiality agreement if required.
With such a variety of services available, it is very difficult to list absolutely everything I offer in order to support you and your wonderful business.  You will see below I have given you an idea of what I can do to support you and your growing business:

Day to Day admin servicesAdmin/ PA Day to day task

I can be your admin assistant, carry out your day to day tasks including but not limited to, copy typing, data entry, audio transcription, emails, CRM updating, chasing late payments,
updating processes and procedures. I can even help with those HR issues that may arise from staff hearings and tribunal minutes.

Your online PABusiness concierge

Let me be your online PA, stepping up from the day to day tasks that I can help you with, I can also help you with the larger or longer tasks that arise, I can take care of your travel arrangements, diary management, holiday cover for your email, gift search

Social Media Assistance

Online Marketing

Online marketing is key aspect in your business, from blogging and newsletters to the biggest of them all your social media, all 3 of these can be huge time drains and this is where my services come in, let me be your online marketing contact, I can help you with your content libraries, help schedule your social media content, and even help create memes for your platforms, Click here to find out more on my e-marketing packages


Some businesses require regular research, and it can be a real drain on your valuable time, so why not outsource this task, whether it is research on product information, market trends, suppliers or venues, this is something that I can assist you with.  Also, I can offer Hashtag research for your relevant social networks, we all know how important this little # is to your business so why not let me help you find the best ones to suit your business.


Rates can be a worrying part of outsourcing to a virtual assistant, as often when running your own business what comes in and what goes out can often be a tight rein. So you want to make sure that the services you are purchasing fit within our budget.
I believe in the simple things in life, and there is nothing worse than looking online at a website and you just cannot find a price anywhere! You are forced into emailing them or calling for a price, and before you know it you on a list, your being harassed, and after all that, they can’t help or they are far too expensive, so for this irritation and annoyance, I have listed my pricing here!!

My rate is £25 per hour 

I do offer monthly retainer packages as well, I have found offering these packages to client has made outsourcing journey less stressful, and made thing so much easier, and hopefully, by this point in my website you know I am here to make YOUR life easier, so you are able to buy a set package of hours,

Billing is simple, hourly invoices are sent once work is complete, package hours are billed once a month in advance.


If you feel that working on an hourly basis is just too much of a worry, then I do have monthly retainer packages based on hours per month.  I use a timer per client to make sure that their time is used wisely. My retainers are as follows:

Lite Package- 5hrs

Professional – 10hrs *most popular

SOS Packages – From £60pw