Online Marketing Packages

You’ve seen a vast list of tasks that I can carry out for you, and this works both hourly and packages. My standard admin time packages, cover day to day tasks, PA duties as well as audio transcription, welcome to my online marketing packages section.

But there are times in business where things just can’t get done in an hour or two, and sometimes it’s more helpful to have a bundle or package.  So I have pulled together some of my most popular tasks and bundled them into simply packages:


Newsletter package – this is one of my most popular bundle, as a lot of businesses I work with have over time been collating emails from current/past clients etc, yet have never gone any further with it, through the panic of setting up a monthly newsletter on Mailchimp, finding out what logos, colours you need to use, which layout will be best suited to your newsletter etc. the list of things to do can be daunting, and frankly time-consuming.

With this package, you get:

Setup Fees:

Newsletter setup: £85*, this includes:

Set up and configuration of your Mailchimp account

Creation of one drag and drop branded template

Creations of the first campaign, (copy to be provided)

3 design changes to the template after initial set up

Upload from a CSV or excel file to Mailchimp

*if there are additional names that have to be input manually there will be a charge of £25ph on top

Ongoing Fees:

Per Newsletter £35

(copy to be provided 3 weeks in advance)



Blog package – this package has been growing steadily over the last few years, people have started to realise that what they do does interest their crowd and that they really need to be talking with them in any given capacity, You can give life to old newsletters, you can add parts of your blog to your future newsletters or even your social media platforms. The world of blogging is powerful but is also time-consuming, and this is why I have added it as a package.

With this package, you get:

Setup fees:

Blog set up: £85, this includes set up of blog space
making sure you have the right logos and colours.

Ongoing fees:

Per Blog Post, if you plan to only do one month this would be £35, but if you plan to send out more than once a month, we can work on one of my monthly retainer packages, as this would work out cheaper for you in the long run.  I can help source relevant pictures for your blogs too.
(copy to be provided 3 weeks in advance)

E-marketing Bundles:

Just sometimes mixing it up works better!

Bundle one: 1 Newsletter & 2 Blogs a month £90

Bundle two: 2 Newsletters & 2 blogs a month £120

Bundle three: 1 Newsletter and 4 blogs a month £155

(All content to be supplied unless specified

differently in discovery call)

Social Media

Social Media Packages

Social Media has become one of the most powerful ways of communication in business, we have used social media for personal use for many years, and has slowly become part of our daily use in business. It can be our friend but can also be one of the biggest time wasters for business owners. This is where a lot of my clients lose time, popping on to do something quickly then you find you have spent over an hour looking at your personal page, all the cat photos, and funny videos posted by your friends, that all of a sudden you have wasted hours! And are you on the right platform to be in front of your crowd? If you are a visual business then you should be focusing time on Pinterest and Instagram, if you are business services or looking to find corporate contacts then Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ should be on your hit list.

Don’t be fooled Facebook isn’t the only platform!


Getting Started Package:

So you have just started up your business, you know you need to have a presence in the world of social media, but you don’t know where to start. This is where this package can help you.

Set up of Facebook, Twitter and 2 other platforms relevant to your business
Add your cover photos, headers and cover photo to above platforms
Connect and integrate the above platforms with each other.

Price – £120

Maintenance Package:

This is where clients benefit from this package, as this is the most time-consuming part of social media, the upkeep and staying on top of your crowd’s minds. This package includes:

Either 2 Facebook posts a day and 1 tweet a day
2 Tweets a day and 1 Facebook post

This can be tweaked to suit your chosen platforms, this can be discussed in your discovery call.

Price – £115 (additional £20 for further posts to alternative platforms.)

In-touch and Engagement Package:

So you have spent all this time and effort growing your crowd, becoming the go-to person in your industry, and now you are running out of time to stay in touch and grow your engagement. If this fits you then this is the package for you. It includes:

3 active platforms
You can choose from either 2 Facebook posts and 2 tweets a day or 3 tweets and 1 Facebook post a day.
2 LinkedIn posts per week
Respond to any mentions over active platforms
Create posts to promote engagement with your crowd.
Draft 6 posts specifically directed to your crowd’s interests, including images and branding.

Price – £250 (additional £20 for further posts to other platforms.)