Growing your list with a lead magnet

Attracting our crowd

This week on my social pages I have been continuing my topic of newsletters, with tips on growing your lists and how this is best done. I also covered what you can put in your newsletters, your newsletters can and should be varied, you can keep the same layout but I always feel its good to give a good mix.

You can get a little daring a create newsletters to be specific to certain sections of your list, so if you know someone 3 months ago bought a wax burner and a pack of 3 melts you’ll know that they will probably be looking for a refill, so you could send them an email with your new scents for that month?

Knowing your crowd

Lead Magnets

One way to get people to sign up with you is to offer free signup also known as a lead magnet, this is to drive new people onto your lists, people can often overthink this and feel that it has to big and pretty for people to sign up.

This is where most are wrong, it does not have to be a 16 page PowerPoint presentation or a 30-minute detailed video.  Your knowledge is what they are after, this could be in the shape of 2 page PDF with all the information you are offering on there with a few images.

In the current climate where face to face is pretty much non-existent, you might be thinking of creating more online offerings and you can attract new people via online guides, and once they have signed up you can share your knowledge to them via newsletter.

I know several Personal Trainers who have stepped up to the online mark and taken hold of this opportunity and run with it, and they have had amazing success, and now they are reaching out to a whole new crowd from home via online.

One PT friend had a fab lead magnet, it was a free 5-day lock-down exercise plan delivered by email every day, and people loved it and now runs group training via Zoom. 

His lead magnet was a raw, in his garden warts and all, un-edited freebie, and people loved that approach as most of his clients were juggling work and children too, his client base has now grown.

Clear ideas

Some pointers

Become clear with your ideas, be clear with your focus and what you want to do with your list, and to speak to your crowd you need to know who you are talking to and how you are helping them with their problems and questions.

How can you help them move forward? once you know the solution can you create a snippet solution, so something that can help them immediately but will want to come back for more?

Take my PT friend, he knew with the gyms closing many people would need something to replace that loss of exercising at the gym and wanted to offer an alternative to his crowd, and let’s face it, for him it was all new too. 

So he came up with a 5-day plan, knowing that it would appeal to some and they may want more, he played this well as he created 2 sign-ups, one was a 5-day exercise plan and the other was a 5-day menu plan and both were hugely successful and he has on the back of both sign-ups signed up 8 brand new clients

This weeks take away tips are:

Building your list is an essential part of your business

You can use your list to share new products and services

You can use your list to showcase their online shop

You can use your list to keep your crowd up to date with any changes in business or anything new 

You can use your list to run a programme for your crowd to be involved in


Lead magnet ideas

I have put together a free downloadable guide to lead magnets and some suggestions for some industries, you can get your hands on it here.