We all have those jobs!

We all have those jobs!

I am not sure anyone prepares you enough for certain things in life, for an example, no one really prepped me for having children, everyone tells you its magical, but they all miss out those tantrums! And when they become senior school age they forget to tell you about the attitude they grow!

It is the same with business, I often feel we have painted a very different picture, a lot of people will tell you that working from home is liberating, you have the flexibility and the time is yours to do with how you please.

Now, before I get set upon, I love running my own business, I would struggle at the thought of going back to working for someone else and not having that flexibility, but it’s bloody hard! It is hard work, and the one thing that often suffers is family life.

How many times have you worked late?

How many times have you worked over the weekend?

How many times have your rushed Storytime?

We have all done it, but its how we move forward that counts, I have worked many late night, I have worked over weekends (granted not many) we all do, but you need to ask yourself why this is happening? Why am I having to work late, what has happened that day or that week that has made me work late, work over the weekend, miss storytime……………… And there will lay the answer.

More often than not it is a task that has sucked up your time, may it be a huge task, or a task that you are unsure on and need to research, or a task that happens every week/month but you haven’t prepared for, again it’s NOT failure, its realisation, now is the time for you to pinpoint and rectify and claw back that time and NOT feel guilty.

Let’s face it guilt is horrendous, guilty for working, guilty for not working, I mean make your mind up, but lets see if we can provide some tips and tools to help you move forward.

Now ultimately, I would say to you outsource, but that is not always the right solution, or it may not be the right time for you, so what other things can we do to help you.

Identify the task – We all have those tasks that suck up out time, more than many others, but it is identifying this task and figuring out why that particular task is taking up so much time.

Why is it taking so long – Now you have identified the task, now it’s trying to figure out why this task takes so long.  Is it because the task is large and takes up too much time? Do you feel you lack knowledge in completing this task or is it just because you just DON’T want to do it?

If it’s a large task – if the task has a long deadline, break it down, you’ll find breaking it down over a course of a few weeks, will make it more palatable and easier to digest than sitting there for hours trying to complete a task you hate!

Start it as soon as you get it – make a start on it, putting it off will only make the task even worse, so if it lands on your desk on a Monday afternoon, make a start, do 15mins worth, that way you have started it, the worst part is done.

It feels muddled up – Try putting a process in place, I know a lot of people talk about processes but they are pretty important, and if you can look at how you are currently doing that task and then how you can amend it, by maybe adding a step or removing a step, or even bulking steps together to give you a streamlined process.

Not sure how to complete it  – if it is something new or you just don’t know how to complete and you need to do some training, then maybe you need to take some time out each week to train up.

If you can work through these and make small changes you will notice that you will have more control over your time.

Obviously, I would love to be able to support you in your business, help you free up more time, and be able to use that time guilt-free with your family.

My hourly rate starts at £25ph or you can have full peace of mind with a retainer package which you can find here