Taming Your Social Media e-book

Taming Your social Media

We all know social media is key when running a business, we all know this, but it does not mean the task is any easier, especially when you have a to-do list as long as your arm of other things that need doing.

It always seems that we are rushing to get content out there as we want to stay top of mind and current with our crowd, but when we start to rush this process that is when we begin to deliver not so good content!

Then we start to feel dishearted that we didn’t get the traction that we had hoped for.  Or we don’t rush but just get something out there for the sake of it, and we then feel just as rubbish about it. 

When I started supporting clients with their social media, whether it was sourcing images to create eye-catching posts or just simply scheduling, I had to adopt a process that would help me stay on top of my social media as well as my clients, and this is where this is how this process was created, I needed to stay focussed and organised.

I have been using this process now for a couple of years, all the little tweaks over time has ensured that I made have made it more streamlined and logical.

In this e-book, I cover a simple 6-part process, that ensures we break down each part and slot it in with the rest of our daily tasks that need to be done in our business.

One key feature is the emphasis of blocking out time, you really do need to start treating yourself as an important client, if we do not start treating ourselves like this then we will run out of time to do those income-earning jobs.

If we are spending too much time in the rabbit hole of images and content, when will we find the time to create that amazing piece of jewellery, or find time to sit with one of your 1-2-1 clients.

We need to balance our time and this is where this process comes into its own.

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