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Horses for courses

With the use of virtual assistants on the rise in the UK, with more and more small to medium-sized businesses taking the opportunity to work with someone without having to pay employment fees.

These business owners are realising that having a VA on the books is a great way for progression and guidance, as well as the support that VAs give business owners.

Once you have got past the ‘should I or shouldn’t I’ question that quite often keeps you stuck and you start to work with one, you will quickly realise that it was the best investment you could make for your growing business.

With so many varieties of VA’s out there, you will never be shy in finding the perfect outsourcing solution, here are some different VA options:

  1. All-rounder – these VAs are those that can turn their hands to most if not all the tasks a small-medium size business can throw at them, and often these are some of the best ones to go for, as you will have just the one contact, instead of having to have several on your books. But there will be limits as not one VA can do everything.
  2. Tech VA – these VAs are the ones that have the unparalleled knowledge of all things technical, from WordPress background running to the ins and outs of programs, they may have worked in IT in their previous roles, these VAs are always a must to have on your connections.
  3. Design – There are VAs out there that have graphics and design backgrounds and they chose to stay in that field supporting clients with all their visual needs.
  4. Financial – I take my hat off to these VAs as finances are not one of my strong points, but you will have those VAs out there that have worked in finance for many years, these VAs will be registered and legally allowed to work on your finances.
  5. Events – whilst most VAs have a level of events planning and most can organise an event, but there are VAs out there that specialise in this area.

So as you can see there are many types of VAs out there and one that will no doubt suit your business needs. And with such a choice, there is no reason for you not to find one and build a great working relationship with.

Working with you VA should be a happy experience, it should be almost seamless, there will always be small hiccups at the start of your working relationship as you bed in new routines and processes, but once that settling in period is done, it should fit like a glove.

Don’t be scared to talk with you VA if you have any worries or concerns, get them out as soon as they arise, holding on to them will only make you anxious and unhappy, and as a VA that is the last thing I would want for my clients.

My top tips for working with your VA

  • Be open and honest, if you don’t like how something has been done, say!
  • Stay in regular contact whilst you are settling in
  • Hand them your processes or you crib sheets so your VA knows how you like things
  • Take your time! Don’t feel that you have to rush and hand over more work
  • Don’t feel anxious about talking to your VA, they are there to support you in your business

Its not unusual

With such a choice it is not unusual to see some business owners using more than one VA in their business, which makes sense when you have different tasks, for an example, you may have one VA doing the financial side and the other booking your next trip! it makes sense having those who compliment your business on board.

Having a VA working alongside you are meant to be a piece of mind, a sense of not being alone, feeling that you have someone on board with you, that person gives you a sense of achievement.

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Ones to watch this month:

Beckie Coupe of Infinity with Beckie Coupe and on her Facebook Page  I would highly suggest you follow Beckie for the level of knowledge she has on social media and the amount of information she regularly hands out, it is truly invaluable.

My next person to watch this month is Emma Holmes from Rebels & Rockstars and her jam-packed Facebook Page, Emma has a ton of resources available that will help you with all manners of business-related issues you may be having, and if she hasn’t then her community will get you out of a muddle.


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